Being Mindful of the New School Year

mindfulness_poster_UKWhere did summer go?  It seemed to fly by faster than ever most of the time.  I say most because as I took another mindfulness course I did practice being intentionally present multiple times and that allowed me to slow down time, even if it was just my perception.  I spent more time at school this summer than ever before but when I went to the pool once a week with my daughter or traveled to Colorado on family vacation I made sure to practice the tenets of mindfulness and it made ALL the difference.  I also did a better job of having a mindful sit each morning, sometimes even with my husband.  In a society that goes nonstop and creates chaos, I was able to slow it down and get more out of each moment!  Does it sound like something you would like to be able to do?

The course I took this summer was pretty amazing!  I learned more about the science of mindfulness and its history.  I also got an awesome curriculum to use with my own students and with students throughout our district at all grade levels.  One of the weekly assignments was to practice lessons from the curriculum.  For better or for worse my own children were recipients of the practice.  One lesson I did with my 10 year old daughter dealt with reaction vs. response.  It focused on how mindfulness could give you back control in an emotional situation.  We focused on using your breath as your anchor.  The cool thing is she got it!  She understood how mindfulness gives you the pause to determine your response instead of falling to a knee jerk reaction.  A 10 year old totally got it!!

Tomorrow I will facilitate a session on mindfulness with several of my colleagues as part of professional development.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous but my belief in the power of mindfulness propels me forward.  Mindfulness is about empowering people.  I am about empowering people so with a few butterflies in my stomach I look forward to sharing mindfulness with others in the hope that it will improve their quality of life as it has mine.

If you are interested in bringing mindfulness to your space feel free to contact me.

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